The Breed

The popularity of the Weimaraner has grown over the years. His success as both a dual purpose worker in the field and an impressive show dog or companion has made the Weimaraner a favourite.

At maturity males can be expected to reach a maximum height of 27 inches, bitches 25 inches and are as powerful as they look. The Weimaraner is well known for its even temperament and enjoys a reputation as an excellent family dog. They are normally affectionate and intelligent, requiring discipline, training and plenty of exercise.

The Weimaraner has been bred for working and its hunting ability is of paramount concern and should never be overlooked. In fact they are at their happiest and most content when they have a purpose in life.

Prerequisites for the dog’s wellbeing are high walls surrounding a good exercise area, and most importantly, lots of love and attention. This is not the breed to be kennelled all day.

The Weimaraner will reward its owner with loyalty and grow from a boisterous puppy into a dog that will capture your heart, but remember, coupled with their intelligence is their ability to be demanding and strong-willed. They feel they are and should be part of the family, and if you are not prepared to devote time and effort to your dog, this is not the breed for you.

If however, you want a dog who is going to be part of your life, demanding affection yet repaying you with devotion and companionship this could be the breed for you.

Official KUSA Weimaraner Breed Standard

Also see the Weimaraner Breed Standard on the KUSA website

and the Weimaraner Breed Standard on the FCI website