New Litter: Pheasantsfancy

New Litter: Pheasantsfancy

New Litter: Pheasantsfancy

We are delighted to introduce the Weimaraner Klub of Gauteng to the new litter (‘Hannah’s Eleven’) of our kennel: Pheasant’s Fancy.

This litter has been part of a project we have undertaken with the kennel: Gatebeautiful and Dr Claudia Wigger-Pieper & Matthew Berry of ‘Boavida Wingshooters’, to initiate new lines of genetics into the South
African ‘chapter’ of the Weimaraner Breed.

Faun (aka Ferro) vom Falknerforst (imp. Germany) VJP, HZP, VGP, (pedigree)

bred with

SA Champion Gatebeautiful Moon River (aka Hannah) of Pheasant’s Fancy. (pedigree)

The litter of Eleven Puppies has been an extraordinary and very rewarding experience and has been most notable in terms the results achieved and we anticipate a resurgence of interest in the breed. It has been a long road and we are extremely pleased with the results.

The litter has been specifically named and established around the idea of testing and proving the capabilities of the Weimaraner in the field (not only in terms of hunting but also a variety of other attributes that Weimaraners have in terms of tracking, agility scenting and endurance. We have had great interest shown from the hunting fraternity, conservation profession as well as those who have an interest in the showing of dogs.

The litter will officially be registered as the ‘B’ (or second) ‘hunting’ litter bred buy ‘Pheasants’ Fancy’. The puppies have been allocated ‘kennel names’, which are names in the ancient Amharic language of Ethiopia,
starting with the letter ‘B’. Amharic is both a written and spoken language, which has been a feature in Africa since Biblical times. The first-born puppy into this focused ‘hunting’-field in our the first such litter is
called “Makeda” which is the real first name of the Queen of Sheba in Amharic. It is a matter of great pride that we have been able to progress along the road to breed Weimaraners for the purpose for which the
breed originated, here in the Southern part of this great, beautiful, ancient, and at times, harsh continent of ours’, Africa.


If you are interested in one of these puppies, please complete the Questionnaire on the Contact Page

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