Start of Training for Shooting Ratings 2017

Start of Training for Shooting Ratings 2017

The Weimaraner Klub will start Field Training on 2 April 2017, training dates below, training to be on Sundays (except where indicated otherwise) from 8:00 AM. This is in preparation for the annual Shooting Ratings test which will be held on 17 June

To cover the cost of the birds for the training, there will be a charge of R400 per dog entered in training, this will cover all training sessions. Also only one dog will be allowed per handler, and the same dog that starts training needs to finish training. Handlers/dogs can also not join the training part way through.

The training will be for club members only. Non-club members are welcome to join the club with the purpose of attending the training and entering the Ratings. Only members that plan on entering the Ratings will be allowed to participate in the training sessions.

A limited number of dogs can be accommodated on a first come basis.

The training will cover:

Basic field obedience (most basic obedience like sit, stay, recall, should be taught beforehand to save on time at the training sessions)
Finding birds in the field
Land retrieving
Water retrieving

There will be two groups, one for the Novice tests (Novice Shooting Dog and Novice Retriever Dog) and another for dogs that have already passed the Novice tests. This group will prepare for the Shooting Dog and Retriever Dog tests

Training dates (preliminary dates):

2nd April
9th April
22nd April (Saturday)
30th April
14th May
28th May
4th June
11th June

Shooting Ratings 17th June

Venue for training: Retriever Dam in Midrand – see

To attend the training, interested members need to confirm their attendance and pay the R400 training fee before 26 March 2017. Please contact [email protected] or 082 896 0378 for more information or to confirm attendance

To prepare for the training, you can also read the document that describes the various tests and what needs to be accomplished in each

Shooting Ratings 2016 Results

Shooting Ratings 2016 Results

Another Shooting Ratings is over and done. Thank you for all the entries and everybody that helped including the judges, guns, throwers, photographers and everyone else. We had a 90% pass rate in Novice Shooting Dog and a 65% in Novice Retriever Dog


Novice Shooting Dog (NSD)

Glenmoor Jonquil (GSP)
Gundalf Enter Gatsby
Mistylowlands Coolcat Finnley of Stahlberg
Dualwind Fox (GSP)
Sabaka Mist Xena Xita
Weathervane HBD Brisingr
Bhelbella of Himmelsein (Vizsla)
Chezenko Voodoo’s Bruno (GSP)
Dualwind Guinea (GSP)
Drutaner Haze Wihaji of Himmelsein

Novice Retriever Dog (NRD)

Glenmoor Jonquil (GSP)
Gundalf Enter Gatsby
Mistylowlands Coolcat Finnley of Stahlberg
Dualwind Fox (GSP)

Best Shooting Dog

Gundalf Enter Gatsby

Best Retriever Dog

Gundalf Enter Gatsby

group 11


Shooting Ratings 2014 Results

Novice Shooting Dog

Gundalf Dazzling Ruby (Ruby)
Fire Lord Zuko (Zuko)
Sabaka Mist Vicky (Vicky)

Novice Retriever Dog

Fire Lord Zuko (Zuko)
Sabaka Mist Vanguard (Woljas)

Best Shooting Dog: Zuko

Best Retriever:  Sabaka Mist Vanguard (Woljas)

Shooting Ratings 2013 Results

Shooting Ratings 2013 Results

weimheadNOVICE SHOOTING DOG: (100% Pass Rate)
Gundalf Cassiopeia Star:    Yoan Bosch
Gundalf Catch Fire:    Quintin Bubb
Carlotta vom Grienenbach:    Lynette Winder
Sabaka Mist Warriorace:    Lize Venter
Reysel Baroness Beate of Himmelsein:    Mari v Staden
Gundalf Beach Bum:    Yoan Bosch
Mistylowlands Bonbon Monroe of Stahlberg:    Lilian Taylor
Sabaka Mist Vanguard:    Renée Minny
Sabaka Mist Uchenna:    Renée Minny
Mercurymagic Khaleesi Kiera:    Linda Vanderberg

Mercurymagic Cascade Charmer:    Martina v Dyk
Gundalf Cassiopeia Star:    Yoan Bosch
Gundalf Catch Fire:    Quintin Bubb
Carlotta vom Grienenbach:    Lynette Winder

Best Performance in the Field – Sabaka Mist Warriorace (NSD)
Best Retriever – Ch Mercurymagic Cascade Charmer (NSD NRD)

Shooting Ratings 2012 Results

Shooting Ratings 2012 Results



 Gundalf Baron of Himmelsein  MP & N v Staden
 Lola  S Monghino
 Spitzenreiter Ava for Sabaka  T & R Minny
 Oliver  M Coetzer
 Mercurymagic Dream Come True       J Arnold & C Holloway
 Sabaka Mist Viola  M Venter
 Mercurymagic Frosted Bullet  J Arnold & C Holloway
 Willow  J Taylor
 Tolon Birch Beatrix  D Nell


 Oliver  M Coetzer
 Sabaka Mist Viola  M Venter

BEST RETRIEVER: Sabaka Mist Viola

Oliver & Megan in the Field

Maryke & Viola Marking the Fall of the Bird in the Water retrieve

Shooting Ratings 2011 Results

Shooting Ratings 2011 Results


Mercurymagic Verca Misty Siska                                                 Karlien & Riaan de Villiers
Sabaka Mist Suganspice                                                             Richard Gordon & Linda Vanderberg
Portos                                                                                      Karlien & Riaan de Villiers
Mercurymagic Casanova’s Charm                                                Gunther kritzinger & Shalene Anderson
Sabaka Mist Uppitygina                                                              Peter v Crombrugge & Karl Gustav
Mercurymagic Dragon Lily                                                          Andre Greeff
Gundalf Berry Beautiful                                                              Yoan Bosch
Sabaka Mist Utopia                                                                    Jayne Bagley

BEST PERFORMANCE IN THE FIELD: Sabaka Mist Suganspice (Josephine)


Mercurymagic Verca Thunder                                                     Peter v Crombrugge & Karl Gustav
Portos                                                                                      Karlien & Riaan de Villiers
Mercurymagic Casanova’s Charm                                               Gunther Kritzinger & Shalene Anderson

BEST RETRIEVER ON THE DAY: Mercurymagic Verca Thunder (Max)

Sabaka Mist Suganspice on point on quail

Mercurymagic Verca Thunder