Our Championship show for 2018 will be held on 22 September 2018

The judge will be Mr Adrian Rutland from the UK, who is a Weimaraner Breed Specialist that recently judged Weimaraners at Crufts, so let’s have a nice big entry to support him (see more information about him further down)

Below is the show schedule as well as an entry form in PDF and Word format. Please complete one entry form per dog entered

Please note: Shorthaired weimaraners need to be entered as “Weimaraner (Short haired)” and Longhaired weimaraners as “Weimaraner (Long haired)” in the Breed field of the entry form

R110 first dog, R100 second dog, R90 for each additional dog.

Closing date: 31 August

Enquiries: Yoan : 082 896 0378 / [email protected]

Postal Entries To: 911 23rd Avenue, Rietfontein, 0084
Faxed Entries will be accepted with proof of payment faxed at the same time
Fax No: 011 507 5576
Email: [email protected]
Please bring original telefax details with you to the show in case verification of receipt of entries is needed

Banking Details:
Nedbank: Meyersdal Branch
Code: 152042
Acc No: 1520012683

About our Judge:
Our Judge for the Weimaraner Klub Championship Show 2018 is Mr Adrian Rutland, who is 67 years old and a retired operational fire officer. He and his wife began their involvement with Weimaraners in 1982 when they obtained their first bitch and started the kennel called Khamsynn Weimaraners.
In his own words:
We bred our first litter in 1984. In all we have bred 12 litters totalling 80 puppies. We only bred a litter when we wanted another dog to show. Our dogs have always lived in the house with us and we have never rehomed any.
I started working our Weimaraners to the gun in 1986. I have worked them in the beating line at driven shoots, for picking up & as a general rough shooting dog. I was a member of a shooting syndicate for many years and my dogs always worked with me. I trained them to Field Trial standard and competed at a small number of trials with some success. Unfortunately I had to give up working the dogs a few years ago due to an ankle injury.
Our main involvement with the breed has been in the show environment. We started showing in 1983 and have owned a total of 14 Weimaraners, 4 of whom are still with us. We have bred or made up 9 Show Champions to date. We currently show 3 bitches all of whom are now Show Champions. Of the puppies that we have bred 23 have achieved Kennel Club Stud Book status. Achieving Show Champion status under the UK system is far more difficult than in many other countries.
I started judging Weimaraners at open show level in 1988. In 1997 I was approved by the Kennel Club to award Challenge Certificates and did so in November that year for the first time. I have since awarded CC’s at a further 6 shows and I was contracted to judge Weimaraners at Crufts in March 2018. In my early days I judged all gundog breeds up to and including group level at open shows. I decided that my prime interest was in Weimaraners and have not pursued judging of other breeds in recent years though obviously taking an interest in all of them as we attend shows on an almost weekly basis. Without reference to my records I would estimate that I have judged in excess of 1,000 dogs, the vast majority being Weimaraners and mostly at championship show level.
I am firmly of the opinion that judges have a responsibility to ensure the future well-being of the breed. I take that responsibility very seriously and always judge without fear or favour to preserve the Weimaraner as laid down in the breed standard.
We have devoted our lives (& an awful lot of cash!) to the Weimaraner for the last 36 years. It has brought us considerable pleasure & inevitably some pain. Lesley & I feel we have done our bit to improve the breed over this time & hope to be around for a few more years to see a bright future for the breed.