kusa_logo_001At the recent FEDCO meeting held in June, it was decided to accept the request from the Weimaraner Klub of Gauteng that the Longhair and Shorthair varieties be split in the showring. Longhairs and shorthairs will therefore be judged seperately at shows starting from 1 January 2016. Along with this decision came a few clauses, added by KUSA, aimed at protecting the breed and regulating the identification of dogs with the Longhair gene as well as Longhairs. Interbreeding of Long and Shorthair dogs will also now be regulated, but the Weimaraner Klub of Gauteng will need to set the rules by which this is regulated and supply these to KUSA for general use

For this purpose, the Committee will form a Subcommittee tasked with setting the boundaries for interbreeding. The Subcommittee will consist of Committee members as well as a representative from the Longhair breeders/enthusiasts

Thank you for all that people that were involved with getting the request passed by DOGSPC and KUSA, in particular Hendrik Vorster who submitted the request at the Weimaraner Klub of Gauteng AGM in 2014, as well as the Longhair breeders/enthusiasts that put together a motivation document and our Chairman for his part in motivating it at DOGSPC and with other people involved at the FEDCO meeting

The extract from the FEDCO minutes:

4.4.4 Weimaraner (Fedco 12-14, Item 4.4.3)

Proposal by DOGSPC deferred from December meeting:

“At Weimaraner Club AGM on 26 March, the meeting discussed a proposal to have the judging of the Short-haired and Long-haired varieties of the Weimaraner breed separated at all breeds shows under the jurisdiction of the KUSA

There would thus be two sets of CCs available for the breed. However, the same breed standard will apply for both varieties.


The Weimaraner breed is judged in South Africa to the FCI Standard.
All FCI countries separate the two varieties, as does Australia.
We would like to follow the example of the German Shepherds which were recently split into Long Hair and Short Hair varieties in South Africa and are now judged separately.”

Further input from Weimaraner Club awaited. Further information will be tabled once available.

After discussion the following was approved unanimously:

The proposal to split the breed into Long-haired and Short-haired varieties was accepted.
Separate CCs will be issued.
Inter-variety mating will be permitted, subject to advance permission being obtained from Exco.
Weimaraner Club to set parameters for such permission to be granted by Exco.
Provision to be made for re-classification of recessives for 20 years.
Provision to be made for certificate change from ‘Weimaraner’ to Long-haired or Short-haired
(Evaluation Form to be completed by two Senior Judges.)
Amendment to Schedule 2, Appendix A (list of breeds).

Proposed CI, seconded JH
Effective 01.01.2016