The Weimaraner Rescue operates within the ranks of the Weimaraner Klub and is managed by dedicated Klub Members who volunteer their time to rescue lost and unwanted Weims, and place them with persons willing to take on rescued animals. We cooperate closely with other Animal Welfare institutions like the SPCA and Wet Nose, and all rescues are handled by way of the Weimaraner Rescue and Rehoming Facebook group

To view the current available dogs, please click here

One way to place notices of dogs to be rescued is by completing the following form, which is then sent to the relevant persons who will contact you for additional information and photos, if you did not submit them using the form below. The information will then be added to the Rescue group on Facebook. To enquire about availability of rescued Weimaraners that can be placed, please e-mail [email protected] or visit the Facebook group

You can also join our Facebook group (click here to go there) and you will then be notified when new dogs are added to the group


The Facebook group “Weimaraner Rescue of South Africa” is not affiliated to the Weimaraner Klub of Gauteng and if you place dogs there we will not get notified. Our group can be accessed at Weimaraner Klub of Gauteng Rescue and Rehoming


1) No ads for litters or puppies will be placed

2) This group is only involved in rehoming of Weimaraners in South Africa.

3) Because this is part of the services offered by the Weimaraner Klub of Gauteng which is concerned with promoting Purebred, Kusa registered Weimaraners so we can protect and promote the breed, we will only help with rehoming Purebred Weimaraners. As such any postings for non-Weimaraners will not be placed. This includes postings of any dogs with non-standard Weimaraner colouring that people claim to be Weimaraners. Weimaraners come in Grey only – Chocolate brown, Black, Red or Blue are not standard Weimaraner colours as per the Breed Standard

Please complete one form for each dog to be rehomed:

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