Our Annual Shooting Ratings for 2018 was held the 23rd of June.

Thank you to all the handlers. Congratulations to all the handlers whose dogs passed their tests, and for the rest, please come try again next year.

The dogs that passed their tests are:

Novice Shooting Dog:

Mistylowlands Digo Diablo
Hannah Hobson
Or Stormdancer Heike des Brumes des Bois of Spitzenreiter
Mystical Shadows Orion of Spitzenreiter
Weathervane HBD Icefyre
Himmelsein Grau Detroiti
Sabaka Mist Zena

Novice Retrieving Dog:

Hannah Hobson (GSP)
Weathervane HBD Icefyre
Drutaner Haze Wihaji of Himmelsein