weimheadIt is time to start collecting images and sponsors for the 2017 Weimaraner Klub of Gauteng Calendar

As we did it last year, all sponsors will be supplied with a printed proof of their ad that will have to be signed by the sponsor and returned to us before finalising the calendar. This will eliminate errors and allow us to see how the supplied photos will look printed

There is no theme this year, however please read rules for submissions below

To pay for the printing costs we are selling sponsorships per calendar page
Sponsorship of the calendar is open to Klub members, Klub Weimaraner breeders and even businesses in general – 12 sponsors in total, one per month. Each sponsor will pay R500 per page sponsored and the sponsor’s details and logo will be placed on this page – this will be the case for breeders and business / general sponsors. Each sponsor can then supply one photo for use with their sponsored page – if not available a sponsor can choose another photo supplied by Klub members or the general public – as long as it conforms to the regulations as below

Note: Breeder sponsorship is limited to Kusa Registered Weimaraner breeders that are members of the Weimaraner Klub of Gauteng

Note: One calendar sponsorship per person only

To ensure we have the funds available by the time the calendar needs to be printed, we need to have confirmation of sponsors by 15 June and payment paid into the Klub’s account by 30 June. First come first served.

So please start sending those photos, and if you want to sponsor a month, please contact us at [email protected], or call 082 896 0378 for enquiries.

Please send your photos to [email protected]

The rules:

Only Weimaraners in the photos, no people or other dog breeds allowed
South African weimaraners only – not necessarily from Klub members, all submissions are welcome
High quality images only, 5 Megapixel and up if possible. Higher quality photos will enjoy preference. No cellphone photos.
Full artistic credit will be given to the photographer. Unfortunately we cannot pay for photos
Submitting your photo does not guarantee placement. We do however try to use all photos not used as main photos as additional decoration on the calendar

Right of Acceptance Reserved